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Nub Nuance Single Roast (5×42 / Box of 20)


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The Nub Nuance Single Roast is an invigorating experience for anyone who enjoys a good smoke and a cup of coffee. Expertly handcrafted at the renowned Oliva factory in Nicaragua, this cigar features a delightful fusion of coffee infused premium Dominican tobaccos. Wrapped in a beautiful Connecticut shade leaf, it exudes a rich, mellow profile that’s perfect for morning or after-dinner smokes. It could also be harmoniously paired with a cup of your favorite coffee. Every draw is laden with the essence of creamy cappuccino, toasted almonds, and a hint of leather.

Highlights of the Nub Nuance Single Roast

Indulge in a unique sensory experience as you enjoy this medium-bodied smoke, filled with a flavorful blend of Dominican tobaccos. A unique blend using proprietary infusion methods, this smoke surprisingly does not overwhelm with sweetness but instead leaves an elegant, balanced aftertaste.

About Oliva Cigars:

Oliva, known for its quality standards, continues to raise the benchmark in the world of cigars. With a history spanning over 130 years, this Nicaraguan-based company never fails to impress with their blends. The company stands firm with their philosophy of handcrafting cigars that offer smooth transitions, perfect burns, and most importantly, consistency.

While the Nub serves as an extension of the Oliva family, the Nub Nuance boasts its own identity. The cigar’s unique infusion process and coffee-flavored undertones have made it a stand-out offering in the aroma category. Adored by critics and enthusiasts alike, it has solidified Oliva’s stature as a leading cigar manufacturer.

The Nub Nuance Single Roast presents a unique opportunity for cigar aficionados to indulge in a balanced, coffee-infused smoke. Whether you’re starting your day on a high note or winding down after a meal, this cigar is surely a must-try. Don’t miss out on the tantalizing flavors and aromas. Enjoy this, along with other great selections, at discount prices every day at Hiland’s Cigars. Hiland’s offers quick shipping on orders and you can rest assured of their 5-star customer service.

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