Oliva Serie V Double Robusto Tubo (5×54 / Box of 12) + Free Shipping!

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This Oliva V Sampler Contains 5 Oliva V Cigars and comes in beautiful wooden box. This sampler has a value of $57.00 but has been discounted significantly with this purchase!

Add on Hiland’s Cigars Palio single torch refillable lighter. This lighter has a value of $30.00 but has been discounted significantly with this purchase.

Embark on an invigorating journey with the Oliva Serie V Double Robusto Tubo. This elegantly tubed cigar, designed for both protection and presentation, delivers an experience that is both robust and refined. Seamlessly blending strength with flavor, it’s a testament to Oliva’s mastery in the art of cigar-making.

Brand: Oliva

Tracing its origins from Cuba’s rich soils to the lush landscapes of Nicaragua, Oliva stands tall in the world of cigars, celebrated for their unmatched dedication to craft and tradition.


  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Size: Double Robusto
  • Packaging: Protective Tubo
  • Wrapper: Sun-grown Habano
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Blend of Nicaraguan ligeros


  • Signature Packaging: The tubo ensures freshness and protection while on the move.
  • Flavor Depth: Offers a complex, layered taste journey.
  • Top-tier Craftsmanship: Representing Oliva’s esteemed cigar heritage.

Tasting Notes:

  • Initial: Rich cocoa intertwined with subtle spices
  • Mid: Creamy undertones with hints of leather and roasted nuts
  • Finish: A satisfying peppery kick with a hint of earthiness

The Oliva Serie V Double Robusto Tubo is not merely a cigar; it’s a narrative of dedication, tradition, and innovation. Housed in its sleek and protective tubo, it stands as a beacon of luxury and convenience, ensuring that each draw remains as fresh and flavorful as intended. As you light up this masterpiece, you’re not just enjoying a cigar, but partaking in Oliva’s storied legacy. Every puff is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence, making it an essential choice for those seeking a sublime smoking experience. For moments that demand nothing but the best, reach out for this gem at Hiland’s Cigars.

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