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Padron 1926 #48 Natural (4.50 x 60 / Box of 10) + Free Shipping

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Robust and spicy, this cigar comes out of the Padron factory in seriously controlled quantities to ensure a flawless smoke every time. You can’t go wrong with the most saught after Padron cigar around! Available in Natural and Maduro for your smoking pleasure!

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The Black Padron Baseball Cap is truly a showstopper. Hand stitched to perfection the hat will be sure to impress all of your smoking buddies. The hat is usually $29.98 but has been discounted significantly with this purchase.

The Padron 1926 Series #48 is a premium cigar produced by Padron Cigars, a renowned cigar manufacturer. The “1926 Series” pays tribute to the birth year of the company’s founder, Jose Orlando Padron. Here are some characteristics of the Padron 1926 Series #48:

Blend: The cigar is known for its carefully crafted blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos. Padron is known for using high-quality, aged Nicaraguan tobacco in their cigars, contributing to the rich and complex flavor profile.

Wrapper: The Padron 1926 Series #48 typically features a dark and oily Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper. Maduro wrappers are known for their sweetness and richness, adding depth to the overall smoking experience.

Strength: This cigar is often classified as a full-bodied smoke, meaning it delivers a robust and intense flavor experience. It’s recommended for experienced cigar enthusiasts who appreciate bold flavors.

Aging: The Padron 1926 Series cigars are aged for an extended period, contributing to the smoothness and complexity of the smoke. The aging process allows the different tobacco flavors to meld and mellow over time.

Presentation: Padron cigars are known for their simple and elegant presentation. The 1926 Series #48 is likely to come in a wooden box, showcasing the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Padron is known for.

It’s important to note that specifics may vary, and there may be limited editions or variations within the 1926 Series. Cigar enthusiasts often appreciate the Padron 1926 Series for its quality, craftsmanship, and the memorable smoking experience it provides.

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