Padron Damaso #8 (5.5×46 / Box of 20)


NEW! FALL 2015

Padrón describes the cigar as “for those who seek the quality and consistency of Padrón in a milder taste profile.”

In honor of Dámaso Padrón, the company’s founder and grandfather of José O. Padrón.

In 1890, Dámaso left the Canary Islands and would eventually begin growing tobacco in Cuba. Now, his name and face is on a cigar.

For Padrón, it’s not just a way to honor their heritage, but a fairly radical Padrón for the relatively traditional company.

This is a milder cigar with a Connecticut-seed wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers.

Round and cellophane wrapped as opposed to the box-pressed nature of most of the company’s cigars.

Each cigar will be packaged in cellophane. Each cigar represents an age of four of José O Padrón’s grandchildren.

No. 8: 5 1/2 x 46

20 Count box

In stock

Padron Damaso #8
Padron Damaso #8 (5.5×46 / Box of 20)


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