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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Noir

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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Noir Cigars at Hiland’s Cigars: Elevate your cigar experience with the darker, richer side of celebration. We’re proud to offer Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Noir Cigars at Hiland’s Cigars, where our dedication lies in providing premium brands at discounted prices. These cigars represent a unique twist on Perdomo’s 10th Anniversary Champagne line, offering a fuller-bodied experience for those who crave more intensity.

Crafted from select tobaccos sourced from the fertile valleys of Estelí, Condega, and Jalapa in Nicaragua, these cigars are wrapped in a dark, Maduro leaf. The result is a rich, complex profile featuring notes of espresso, dark chocolate, and a touch of earthiness.

One of the highlights of this line is the Champagne Noir Super Toro, renowned for its robust flavors and meticulous construction, epitomizing what aficionados expect from a fuller-bodied cigar. The Champagne Noir series brings a level of sophistication that’s perfect for special occasions or indulgent moments of relaxation.

Much like its lighter counterpart, the Champagne Noir line has captivated the hearts of cigar enthusiasts, inviting both seasoned smokers and novices to explore a deeper realm of flavor. Whether enjoyed alone or in the company of friends, these cigars add a layer of richness to any gathering.

Step into the opulent world of Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Noir Cigars and relish in a fuller-bodied celebration. Thanks to Hiland’s Cigars, you can delve into this premium experience without the premium price.

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