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Perdomo Fresco Bundles

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Experience the joy of everyday smoking without compromising on quality with this budget-friendly series from Perdomo. At Hiland’s Cigars, where we prioritize offering premium brands at discounted prices, the Fresco Bundled line is a favorite for its affordability and solid craftsmanship.

Utilizing a blend of carefully selected tobaccos from Nicaragua’s esteemed Estelí and Jalapa regions, these bundled cigars offer a satisfying, everyday smoke. Available in both Connecticut and Maduro wrappers, the Perdomo Fresco series provides a pleasant range of flavors and strengths, from mild and creamy to hearty and robust.

Notable for its value, the Fresco Toro is a standout in this line, delivering a reliable, consistent experience that has made it a go-to choice for smokers looking for quality on a budget.

The Perdomo Fresco Bundled Cigars are perfect for those who enjoy a daily smoke but don’t want to sacrifice quality for cost. Whether you’re new to the cigar world or an aficionado looking for a budget-friendly option, this line is designed to offer a satisfying smoke that won’t break the bank.

Explore the balance of affordability and quality with Perdomo Fresco Bundled Cigars. Hiland’s Cigars makes it easy to enjoy this economical yet satisfying option in the esteemed Perdomo lineup.

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