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Plasencia Alma del Campo

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Plasencia: Step into the “Soul of the Field” with Plasencia Alma del Campo Cigars, a tribute to the beauty and simplicity of the countryside where tobacco is grown. Hailing from a lineage of master tobacco growers, the Plasencia family has more than 150 years of expertise, solidifying their reputation for high-quality, hand-crafted cigars.

Alma del Campo, as the name suggests, is a celebration of the earth and its bounty. Predominantly crafted from Nicaraguan tobacco, these cigars offer a balanced, medium-bodied experience. The flavors are a complex tapestry of earthy notes, gentle spices, and a hint of natural sweetness, sure to captivate both newcomers and seasoned smokers alike.

The standout in this line has to be the Alma del Campo Travesia, revered for its perfectly balanced blend and robust flavors. These cigars are intricately crafted, aiming to provide a harmonious smoke that captures the essence of the Nicaraguan soil from which the tobacco originates.

Given the longstanding reputation of the Plasencia brand, Alma del Campo has naturally found its way into the limelight, often seen gracing the hands of celebrities and aficionados at high-profile events. Its presence commands a nod of acknowledgment among those who appreciate the finer aspects of life and social smoking.

So, light up a Plasencia Alma del Campo, share it among friends, and let its nuanced flavors take you on a journey through the lush tobacco fields that are its namesake.

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