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Plasencia Alma Fuerte

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Plasencia: Embark on a journey of strength and sophistication with Plasencia Alma Fuerte Cigars, a line that truly epitomizes the mastery of the Plasencia family’s 150-plus years in the tobacco industry. “Alma Fuerte,” translating to “Strong Soul,” lives up to its name by offering a robust, full-bodied smoking experience designed for the discerning aficionado.

Crafted predominantly from Nicaraguan tobacco, these cigars are a powerful blend that captures the richness and depth of the region’s soil. One cannot discuss Alma Fuerte without mentioning the Alma Fuerte Sixto I Hexágono, a six-sided cigar that has not only received top ratings but also captivated smokers with its complex flavors of dark chocolate, black pepper, and coffee.

As with all Plasencia lines, Alma Fuerte holds a revered place in both cigar history and contemporary culture. These cigars are often the choice for milestone celebrations and high-profile gatherings, speaking volumes about their quality and the esteem in which they’re held.

If you’re in search of a cigar that combines the legacy of a historic brand with a modern, powerful blend perfect for sharing in good company, Plasencia Alma Fuerte Cigars offer an experience that’s as memorable as it is enjoyable.

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