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RoMa Craft Baka Gran Perfecto (5.5×60/Box of 10)

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RoMa Craft Tobac presents a new cigar with a Cameroon wrapper called Baka, just like the Pygmy tribe that lives in the south-eastern rainforests of Cameroon and the surrounding areas.

What’s significant about this cigar is that it features a Cameroon wrapper over an undisclosed blend. The cigar is described as an annual limited production offering. There will eventually be seven sizes: Pygmy (4 x 46), Bantu (4 x 52), Ota Benga (4 1/2 x 60), Poki (5 x 50), Acephalous (5 x 56), Jengi (5 3/4 x 46), and Hunter Gatherer (6 x 54). The first two vitolas to be released are Bantu and Acephalous. Other sizes will be offered on a rotating basis with each production.


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