Viaje The Katana Honey & Hand Grenades (7×48/Box of 25)



The Katana is a 7 x 48 double corona-esque vitola. It uses the same all-Nicaraguan blend as the other sizes in the Honey & Hand Grenades line, which is highlighted by a criollo wrapper. Production numbers have not been disclosed, but the boxes come with the Edición Limitada secondary band, which has been used to indicate that a particular vitola is getting a small production. In a Facebook post, Farkas called it a “micro production.”

The Honey & Hand Grenades line debuted in 2012 and has previously been offered in three sizes, all of which feature a rounded cap but with a tapered foot reminiscent of a salomon, a vitola known as a diadema. The majority of the cigar is covered in a red foil paper that is designed to evoke the image of blood, as each of the vitolas is named for a bladed weapon, such as a knife or sword.

Viaje Honey & Hand Grenades The Katana (7 x 48)

The company added the Honey & Hand Grenades Maduro, using a Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper in place of the Nicaraguan criollo leaf, releasing it in the same three vitolas as the original line.


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