Peterson Sherlock Holmes Christmas 2021



Each year since 2009, Peterson has released a special-edition Christmas pipe, typically presenting an array of popular Classic shapes in a singular finish. For 2021, however, the Irish manufacturer has elevated the series, offering all 14 best-selling Sherlock Holmes shapes in not one but three distinct finishes: Heritage Smooth, Sandblasted, and Rusticated. Topped with black acrylic fishtail stems and adorned with warm, tasteful copper mounts, this year’s edition combines the best of both series for a truly memorable, seasonal release. Each pipe in this series comes with a matching leather pipe stand.



Finish Choice
Heritage Deerstalker Fishtail, Heritage Milverton Fishtail, Heritage Professor Fishtail, Heritage Squire Fishtail, Rusticated Baskerville Fishtail, Rusticated Deerstalker Fishtail, Rusticated Milverton Fishtail, Rusticated Professor Fishtail, Rusticated Squire Fishtail, Sandblasted Baskerville Fishtail, Sandblasted Deerstalker Fishtail, Sandblasted Milverton Fishtail, Sandblasted Professor Fishtail, Sandblasted Squire Fishtail, Sandblasted Watson Fishtail

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