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Peterson St Patrick’s Day 2024 Rusticated (313) P-Lip

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Peterson’s St. Patrick’s Day series is the Irish marque’s longest-running annual release, a widely anticipated release celebrating the brand’s heritage since its debut in 1998. For 2024, the series comprises a variety of classic shapes, all with stylish mounts of vibrant emerald acrylic. Each of the shapes boast Peterson’s iconic system engineering and are fitted to black acrylic P-Lip stems, offering a striking palette that contrasts richly with each of the line’s five finishes. This particular 313 Bent Billiard comes dressed in a craggy, Derry-style rustication that presents ample texture.

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St. Patrick’s Day 2024
Peterson St. Patrick’s Day 2024 pipes return with their classic System design featuring a dark emerald green acrylic army mount.

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