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Savinelli Bing’s Favorite Rusticated

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The Savinelli Bing’s Favorite Rusticated is a distinct pipe tobacco that is a delightful take on traditional Italian craftsmanship. Originating from Milan, Italy, this pipe presents an elongated briar pipe design, painstakingly handmade to reach its unique form.

Highlights of the Savinelli Bing’s Favorite Rusticated

This pipe captures the essence of fine tobacco with its rusticated finish, offering a tactile feel and rustic look. It is meticulously handcrafted with Italian briar wood, widely known for its excellent smoking qualities and beautiful grain. The pipe’s design, reminiscent of the legendary Bing Crosby’s personal pipes, features a long, slender stem and a billiard shaped bowl.

About Savinelli Pipes:

Savinelli is a renowned name in the world of tobacco pipes, holding steadfast to its Italian origins since 1876. The brand ensures stellar quality by using only the finest matured briar to construct their pipes. Savinelli’s commitment to excellence has been recognized internationally, with special mention in the Tobacco Pipes Art, History, and Culture publication for their consistent quality and craftsmanship.

The Savinelli Bing’s Favorite Rusticated has earned a place in popular culture, making an appearance in various tobacco-centric publications and blogs for its outstanding quality and unique design. It has also been lauded as the “perfect pipe” in The Pleasures of Pipe Smoking, a testimonial to its historic significance and impeccable craftsmanship.

The Savinelli Bing’s Favorite Rusticated is indeed a symbol of refined taste and elegance. Like Bing Crosby himself, this pipe has its unique charm, blending traditional aesthetics with modern usage never seen before. To enjoy this outstanding work of art at unbeatable discount prices, look no further than Hiland’s Cigars. With our swift shipping services and renowned 5-star customer service, we strive to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one.

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