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Stokers Chewing Tobacco 24-M



Available in 1 pound bags or save $3 per bag when you buy 8!

Minimum purchase of 3 bags

Customers wanted a chew similar in taste to 24-C, but medium cut for “easier packing. Stokers responded with 24-M®, a great-tasting chew with a flavor that lasts.

This Sampler comes with 5 1.2 oz Cans. 1 Long Cut Wintergreen, 1 Long Cut Straight, 1 Long Cut Mint, 1 Long Cut Natural, 1 Fine Cut Natural. This sampler has a value of $36.00 but has been discounted with this purchase!

Introducing Stoker’s Chewing Tobacco 24-M®, a tailored response to the discerning tastes and preferences of Stoker’s loyal customers. When enthusiasts expressed a desire for a chew with the delectable flavor profile of the renowned 24-C, but with a medium cut for “easier packing,” Stoker’s listened and crafted the 24-M®. Here’s what sets this masterful blend apart:

Blend & Cut: The Stoker’s Chewing Tobacco 24-M® offers the same beloved flavor that made 24-C a classic but is crafted with a medium cut. This innovative cut provides an easier packing experience, allowing for a smoother, more comfortable chew.

Flavor Profile: The 24-M® encapsulates a rich and robust tobacco taste that lasts. Its flavor is bold yet balanced, providing a satisfying experience that is both familiar to the fans of 24-C and refreshingly unique.

Easier Packing: With a medium cut designed for “easier packing,” the 24-M® offers a convenience and texture that meet the specific demands of today’s chewing tobacco enthusiasts. It’s a testament to Stoker’s commitment to innovation while honoring tradition.

About Stoker’s: Stoker’s has been a household name in smokeless tobacco since 1940, known for its dedication to quality, tradition, and customer satisfaction. The creation of 24-M® is yet another example of their willingness to listen and respond to their customer base, fostering a connection that goes beyond mere products.

Awards: Stoker’s, as a brand, has been celebrated with numerous awards, recognizing their excellence in blending, taste, and quality. The 24-M® stands as a symbol of their innovative spirit and their dedication to fulfilling the needs of their loyal consumers.

Stoker’s Chewing Tobacco 24-M® is more than just a product; it’s a triumph of customer-focused innovation and timeless tradition. Available now at Hiland’s Cigars, this remarkable chew offers a taste experience that is both nostalgic and novel. Order yours today and become a part of the ongoing legacy of Stoker’s excellence.

1 Bag 16oz, 8 Bags 128oz, Case 24lbs 384oz

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