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Stokers Long Cut Wintergreen (6oz)

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Stokers Long Cut Wintergreen. This is a loose ground product where the grains are slightly larger than sand or coffee grounds. Includes 5 tins that are 1.2 oz each.

Minimum order of 2!

This Sampler comes with 5 1.2 oz Cans. 1 Long Cut Wintergreen, 1 Long Cut Straight, 1 Long Cut Mint, 1 Long Cut Natural, 1 Fine Cut Natural. This sampler has a value of $36.00 but has been discounted with this purchase!

Introducing Stoker’s Long Cut Wintergreen (6oz), a masterfully crafted blend that captures the crisp and refreshing essence of wintergreen. With a package that includes 5 tins, and a minimum order of 2, this special offer invites you to immerse yourself in a cool, minty experience that’s uniquely Stoker’s.

Blend & Cut: The Stoker’s Long Cut Wintergreen provides an impeccable balance between the refreshing taste of wintergreen and the robust flavors of quality tobacco. The long cut enhances the chew, offering a slow release of flavors that combine coolness and complexity in every bite.

Packaging: Each 6oz package of Stoker’s Long Cut Wintergreen comes with 5 elegantly designed tins, ensuring that the freshness and vibrancy of the wintergreen flavor are perfectly preserved.

Minimum Order: To make the most of this exceptional offer, a minimum purchase of 2 sets is required. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on a classic favorite or to introduce friends to the captivating world of Stoker’s Long Cut Wintergreen.

About Stoker’s: Since its inception in 1940, Stoker’s has been synonymous with excellence and innovation in smokeless tobacco. Their commitment to crafting flavors that resonate with enthusiasts has positioned them as a leading name in the industry.

Awards: Stoker’s Long Cut Wintergreen is part of an award-winning legacy, reflecting the brand’s dedication to quality, flavor, and craftsmanship.

Stoker’s Long Cut Wintergreen (6oz) is not just a product; it’s an invitation to a refreshing and satisfying tobacco experience. The cool wintergreen essence, expertly balanced with quality tobacco, creates a taste sensation that lingers and delights. Available exclusively at Hiland’s Cigars, this special offer is a gateway to a timeless tradition and a flavor that has won hearts across generations. Order yours today and savor the crisp and cool elegance that defines Stoker’s Long Cut Wintergreen.

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