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Every cigar you purchase from Hiland’s Cigars need to be in a humidor!  We carry a wide variety of humidors by top-quality brands. A cigar humidor is a container or storage unit designed to maintain a constant and appropriate level of humidity for the storage of cigars. It is essentially a box or case made of wood, metal, or other materials, with an airtight seal, and often includes a hygrometer and humidification device.  Humidors also make a great gift for any cigar lover!

The humidity level inside the humidor is critical for preserving the quality, flavor, and aroma of the cigars. The ideal humidity level for cigar storage is generally between 65% and 75%, depending on personal preference.

Cigar humidors can range in size from small desktop models to larger freestanding units capable of storing hundreds or even thousands of cigars. They can be made from a variety of materials, including Spanish cedar, which is commonly used due to its ability to regulate humidity and impart a pleasant aroma to the cigars.

Many humidors also come with a humidification device such as a humidifier or sponge that is designed to maintain the appropriate level of moisture inside the humidor. Some high-end humidors even feature electronic humidity control systems that can maintain a precise level of humidity automatically.

For cigar enthusiasts, a quality cigar humidor is an essential tool for storing and preserving their cigars in optimal condition, ensuring they can enjoy the full flavor and aroma of their cigars for months or even years to come.

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