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Gurkha Boutique Toro Sampler (Humipack of 6)

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Include a Hiland’s Cigars Palio Lighter with your purchase today. This single-torch, jet, refillable lighter is our top-selling torch lighter. Although it usually retails for $17.95, we’ve discounted it to just $9.98 with today’s purchase!

This d. of 6 cigars is a selection of some of the most outstanding cigars that the company has, try each of the cigars of this selection to experience different flavors in each cigar, within which comes:

1- The Gurkha Havana Blend Toro
1- The Gurkha Xtreme Toro
1- The Gurkha Heritage Toro Maduro
1- The Gurkha Cellar Reserve 12 years
1- The Gurkha Royal Challenge Toro Natural
1- The Gurkha Heritage Toro Natural

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