Acid Croqueta Tubo 2pk (2.5 x 50/Box of 25)

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The ACID Purple Croqueta is a new concept, a single tubo that contains two 2 1/2 x 50 parejo cigars. One for now, one for later.

The Croqueta will leave your mouth watering and craving seconds, and luckily, with this glass-tubed pair of cigars, that is very easy to accomplish!

Like the rest of ACID’s purple line, this flavored smoke is super creamy and has a light floral aroma, utilizing a complex hybrid oil and botanical infusion that is unique to ACID.

Using a bold Mexican San Andres wrapper on top of Nicaraguan components, and expertly made at the esteemed Drew Estate factory in Esteli.

Pack Tube
Product Line Acid Purple
Ring 50
Size 2.5″
Strength Mellow

Cigar Length
Cigar Ring Gauge
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Step into a world of mellow decadence with the ACID Croqueta Tubo Cigars, a testament to Drew Estate’s flair for innovation and tradition. Part of the illustrious ACID Purple Line, this cigar packs an impressive experience into a compact size.

Box Details

  • Quantity: Box of 25
  • Shape: Short Robusto
  • Size: 2.5″ x 50

Blend & Taste Profile

  • Strength: Mellow
  • Line: ACID Purple

The Croqueta Tubo offers a mellow smoke, perfect for those times when you’re seeking a brief escape without compromising on quality. Infused with ACID’s signature blend of essential oils, botanicals, and herbs, every puff transports you to a sensory journey that only the Purple Line can provide.

Conveniently Crafted Each cigar is meticulously housed in a protective tubo, ensuring freshness and making it ideal for on-the-go aficionados. Whether you’re on a short break, traveling, or just enjoying a quick moment of tranquility, the Croqueta Tubo is your perfect companion.

The ACID Legacy ACID cigars, a crown jewel of Drew Estate, are celebrated for their unique infusion process, unmatched in the industry. The Purple Line, to which the Croqueta Tubo belongs, is renowned for its medium body and aromatic nuances, a favorite among both new and seasoned smokers.

If you’re in the mood for a swift yet fulfilling smoke, the ACID Croqueta Tubo Cigars are an unbeatable choice. Presented in a box of 25, they are perfect for sharing or indulging solo. Experience the unique, aromatic pleasure of the ACID Purple Line in a size that fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Order yours now, light up, and let the Croqueta Tubo whisk you away.

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