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Acid by Drew Estate

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Dive into a world of unparalleled sensory delight with Acid by Drew Estate cigars. Launched in the late ’90s, Acid cigars represent an audacious leap in the world of premium cigar-making, merging traditional artistry with inventive experimentation to create a truly unique product.

Acid cigars are not your ordinary smokes. These handcrafted beauties are made in Nicaragua, featuring top-quality, long-filler Nicaraguan tobaccos. What sets them apart is the meticulous infusion process they undergo. A secret blend of over 140 botanicals, herbs, and essential oils is introduced, imbuing each cigar with an extraordinary aroma and flavor profile unlike anything else in the cigar universe.

The moment you light an Acid cigar, you’re greeted by an intriguing symphony of tastes and aromas. Depending on the particular line—be it the mellow Acid Blue, the medium-bodied Acid Gold, or the fuller-strength Acid Red and Purple—you might encounter a cascade of flavors ranging from sweet and floral to rich and spicy, all layered over the cigar’s robust tobacco core.

Acid cigars are celebrated for their exceptional construction, ensuring a consistent burn and a pleasingly easy draw. They’re presented in artistically designed packaging, each vibrant box reflecting the adventurous spirit of the cigars within.

Popular among both traditional cigar enthusiasts and those seeking a novel smoking experience, Acid by Drew Estate cigars have carved out a unique niche in the cigar world. They offer a journey into uncharted sensory territories, a bold exploration of flavor and aroma that every cigar aficionado should experience at least once. So, are you ready for an adventure?

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