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CAO Amazon Basin

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The CAO Amazon Basin cigars offer a truly unique smoking experience that sets them apart from other cigars in the market. The tobacco used in these cigars is grown in a remote region of Brazil, deep within the Amazon rainforest. The tobacco plants are grown in nutrient-rich soil and exposed to the unique climate of the Amazon, resulting in a tobacco with a distinct flavor profile that cannot be found in any other cigar.

The flavor profile of the CAO Amazon Basin cigars is best described as earthy and nutty, with notes of cocoa and coffee. This distinct taste is the result of the tobacco’s exposure to the unique climate and soil of the Amazon rainforest. The blend also includes Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos, which adds complexity and depth to the flavor profile.

What makes the Amazon Basin cigars even more unique is their limited availability. The tobacco used in these cigars is harvested in small quantities, making them a rare find. Additionally, the cigars are rolled by hand in limited numbers, further adding to their exclusivity. These factors make the CAO Amazon Basin cigars a highly sought-after cigar among enthusiasts and collectors.

Lastly, the CAO Amazon Basin cigars are a must-try for anyone who is looking for a premium cigar with a truly unique flavor profile. With their rare and exotic blend of Amazonian and other tobaccos, these cigars deliver a smoking experience that is one-of-a-kind. The limited availability and exclusivity of the CAO Amazon Basin cigars make them a rare find and a prized addition to any cigar collection.

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