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The CAO cigar brand is a premium cigar brand that was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1968. Over the years, the brand has become known for its high-quality cigars, innovative blends, and creative packaging.

One of the things that sets CAO cigars apart is their focus on unique blends. The brand is known for experimenting with different types of tobacco and blending techniques, resulting in a wide range of flavor profiles to suit a variety of tastes. From the milder CAO Gold to the fuller-bodied CAO Flathead, there is a cigar for every preference.

Another thing that makes this brand stand out is the creative packaging. The brand is known for using vibrant, eye-catching designs on their cigar boxes and bands, making them a favorite among collectors. The boxes often feature artwork and designs that are inspired by different parts of the world, adding an extra layer of visual interest to the cigars.

CAO cigars are also known for their quality construction. The cigars are hand-rolled using high-quality tobacco, and are crafted to ensure a perfect draw and even burn. The result is a smoking experience that is both satisfying and consistent.

The CAO cigar is a great choice for anyone who loves premium cigars with unique blends, creative packaging, and quality construction. With their focus on innovation and attention to detail, CAO cigars are sure to become a staple in any cigar collection.

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