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CAO Concert

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Are you a music lover looking for a cigar that’s as rich and complex as your favorite tunes? Look no further than the CAO Concert! This premium cigar brand is all about music and the unique blend of tobaccos is a harmony of flavors that is sure to strike a chord with your taste buds.

The blend of the CAO Concert cigar features a dark, oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that encases a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers. The result is a medium to full-bodied cigar with a flavor profile that is both complex and nuanced, with notes of espresso, cedar, and spice.

The musical-themed packaging is a feature that makes this cigar stand out. Each cigar comes in a sleek black box with a guitar pick embedded in the lid, making it the perfect cigar for any music lover. It’s like a backstage pass to the best smoking experience! CAO’s attention to detail makes this particular cigar a classic gift.

The CAO Concert has also received attention in the media, with several publications praising its unique blend and approachable flavor profile. Cigar Aficionado gave the cigar a score of 91 points, noting its excellent balance and rich flavors. The cigar has also been included in several “Best of” lists, including Cigar Snob’s Top 25 Cigars of the Year.

So why not light up a CAO Concert and let the music take you away? Whether you’re a rockstar or just a fan of great music, this cigar is the perfect way to enjoy the rich and complex flavors of the tobacco blend while jamming to your favorite tunes. So go ahead, strike a chord and let the concert begin!

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