Cain Maduro Nub 460 (4×60 / Box of 24)

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Discover the intensity and depth of the Cain Maduro Nub 460, a robust cigar uniquely compact in stature but grand in flavor. Its lustrous Maduro wrapper encases select Nicaraguan fillers, delivering a rich symphony of flavors that are both bold and balanced.

Brand: Oliva

Cain’s legacy in the cigar world is built on its commitment to expert blending, quality, and innovation. Their reputation as a pioneer shines through in each meticulously crafted cigar, consistently capturing the palates of discerning aficionados.


  • Size: 4” x 60 (Nub)
  • Wrapper: Maduro
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan long-fillers
  • Strength: Full


  • Nub Format: Designed for immediate flavor, maximizing the sweet spot of the cigar.
  • Maduro Wrapper: Lends a rich sweetness and deep color.
  • Handmade Excellence: Ensures even burn and a smooth draw.

Tasting Notes:

  • Initial: Robust notes of dark chocolate and coffee.
  • Mid: Interplay of caramel sweetness and hints of earthiness.
  • Finish: Lingering touch of spices with a subtle creaminess.

Pairing Recommendations:

  • Dark Rum: Complements the cigar’s deep chocolate notes.
  • Espresso: To match the cigar’s robust coffee undertones.

The Cain Maduro Nub 460 encapsulates the art of masterful blending, combining the deep sweetness of its Maduro wrapper with the richness of Nicaraguan fillers. This compact cigar promises an immersive smoking journey, offering both intensity and balance, making it a must-try for enthusiasts and newcomers alike in the world of premium cigars.

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