Cain Maduro Nub 464T (4×64 / Box of 24)

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The Cain Maduro Nub 464T is a distinctive and innovative cigar, presenting a compact size that packs a punch. Cloaked in a deep, velvety Maduro wrapper sourced from the rich soils of Nicaragua, this cigar houses a potent blend of Nicaraguan ligero fillers. The result is a full-bodied smoke that delivers intense flavors of dark chocolate, coffee beans, and a touch of peppery spice, all in a short yet satisfying format.

Brand: Oliva

The Oliva Cigar Co. stands tall as one of the cigar industry’s pillars, with a history that spans over a century. Originating from Cuba and later establishing their mark in Nicaragua, the Oliva family has been dedicated to the art of tobacco cultivation and cigar craftsmanship. Their unwavering commitment to quality has led to numerous awards and a loyal following of cigar aficionados worldwide.


  • Size: 4 x 64 (Short Torpedo)
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan Ligero
  • Strength: Full-bodied


  • Flavor Profile: Deep tones of dark chocolate and coffee, complemented by a spicy kick.
  • Burn: Consistent and even, producing a firm ash.
  • Construction: Skillfully handcrafted, ensuring a flawless draw and burn.
  • Design: Unique ‘Nub’ size, offering a concentrated smoking experience.
  • Aroma: Rich and inviting with undertones of roasted cocoa and earth.

Tasting Notes:

  • Initial: Hints of dark chocolate and espresso emerge promptly.
  • Mid: A journey through a blend of black cherry, earth, and slight pepper.
  • Finish: Lingering notes of sweet molasses with a touch of cedar.

Pairing Recommendations:

  • Dark Rum: To emphasize the cigar’s inherent sweetness and rich profile.
  • Espresso: Enhancing the dark coffee undertones of the cigar.

To sum it up, the Cain Maduro Nub 464T is not just a cigar; it’s an experience. Its unique size and powerful flavor profile make it a standout choice for those looking for a quick yet impactful smoke. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just venturing into the world of full-bodied cigars, the Cain Maduro Nub 464T is sure to leave an impression. Discover the intensity and craftsmanship of this remarkable cigar at Hiland’s Cigars and indulge in a smoking session like no other.

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