Nub Habano 466 (4×66 / Box of 24)

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The Nub by Oliva Habano 466 stands as a bold testament to the notion that size isn’t everything when it comes to cigars. Featuring a Habano wrapper that gleams with a subtle sheen, this stogie packs an impressive amount of premium Nicaraguan tobacco into its stout frame. It’s designed to immediately engage the smoker in the most flavorful part of the cigar experience, the “sweet spot,” which Oliva has skillfully extended from start to finish.

Brand: Oliva

Oliva’s reputation in the cigar world is one of uncompromising quality and rich tradition. Originating from Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, the Oliva family’s cigar legacy began in the 1880s. Today, Oliva is celebrated for their high-quality, innovative cigar blends which have been consistently awarded high scores in renowned cigar publications, reflecting their dedication to the craft.


  • Length: 4 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 66
  • Wrapper: Habano
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Shape: Torpedo


  • Large Ring Gauge: Offers a cool, easy draw
  • Habano Wrapper: Provides a rich, oily texture and complex flavor
  • Nicaraguan Filler & Binder: Known for a depth of flavor and excellent burn
  • Innovative Design: Crafted to deliver the sweet spot throughout

Tasting Notes:

  • Peppery Punch: A zesty introduction to the palate
  • Toasty Background: Complemented by a foundation of toasted notes
  • Nutty Overtones: The presence of almond and hazelnut nuances
  • Hint of Citrus: A touch of brightness in the profile

Pairing Recommendations:

  • Amber Lager: The maltiness harmonizes with the cigar’s toasty elements
  • Bourbon: A neat glass enhances the nutty and peppery notes
  • Dark Chocolate: To bring out the subtle sweetness and richness

The Nub by Oliva Habano 466 encapsulates the robust essence of Nicaraguan tobacco, wrapped in a spicy, rich Habano leaf. Its compact shape and sizable ring gauge promise a satisfying, long-lasting smoke that defies its dimensions.

Hiland’s Cigars invites aficionados to savor the full-bodied character and innovative construction of the Nub by Oliva Habano 466, a cigar that promises to deliver an extraordinary smoking journey from the first draw to the last.

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