Oliva Serie G Maduro Churchill (7×50 / Box of 24)

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The Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto is a distinct offering from the renowned Oliva brand. This cigar, known for its rich flavors and exceptional craftsmanship, features a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper encasing a blend of Nicaraguan Habano filler and binder. The use of these tobaccos, combined with the brand’s meticulous aging process, results in a cigar that’s both robust and smooth.

Brand: Oliva

Oliva is a prestigious name in the world of cigars, noted for its dedication to quality and tradition. The brand, with a rich history of cigar making, has garnered several accolades over the years, including numerous high ratings in cigar publications. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every cigar they produce, with the Serie G Maduro Robusto being no exception.


  • Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
  • Filler: Nicaraguan Habano
  • Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
  • Size: Churchill (7” x 50)
  • Strength: Medium to Full


  • Hand-rolled: Ensures quality and consistency
  • Aged Tobaccos: For refined flavor
  • Box-pressed: Unique shape enhances smoking experience
  • Triple-Cap Construction: For durability and a smooth draw

Tasting Notes:

  • Rich Cocoa: Dominant and pleasing
  • Spice: Subtle yet present
  • Earthy Undertones: Adds depth to the profile
  • Hint of Coffee: Complements the overall flavor

Pairing Recommendations:

  • Espresso: Enhances the coffee notes
  • Aged Rum: Complements the richness
  • Dark Chocolate: Pairs well with the cocoa notes

Historical and Cultural Mentions:

  • Favored by Aficionados: Known for its balanced flavor and complexity
  • Featured in Cigar Aficionado: Recognized for quality and craftsmanship

The Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto stands out for its balanced blend of rich flavors and impeccable construction. Ideal for both seasoned smokers and newcomers, it offers a medium to full-bodied experience that’s both satisfying and complex. Discover the excellence of Oliva at Hiland’s Cigars, where this and other fine selections await.

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