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Oliva Serie V Belicoso (Buy 4 Get 1 Box FREE)

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The Oliva Serie V Belicoso is a captivating medium to full-bodied cigar that truly stands out in the crowd. Originally hailing from Nicaragua, this premium cigar is uniquely complex yet incredibly smooth, and suits just about any type of cigar aficionado. It comes in a classic Belicoso shape which adds to its elegant aura. Rolled with a captivating blend of long fillers, you can expect a generously satisfying smoke from this cigar. Finished with a lush, sun-grown wrapper, this cigar is sure to please both your palate and aesthetic eye. When it comes to pairing, the full flavor profile of this cigar goes exceptionally well with a cup of rich coffee or a bar of dark chocolate.

Highlights of Oliva Serie V Belicoso
Crafted in a traditional sun-grown wrapper, this cigar encapsulates the flavors of the choice Nicaraguan tobacco cradled within. The careful combination of the binder and long fillers adds a defining layer of complexity to the smoke, making it a delightful experience expounded by each drag. It represents Oliva’s commitment to quality and unique blend creation that sets it apart in the world of premium cigars.

About Oliva Cigars:
Established in the fertile landscapes of Nicaragua, Oliva Cigars is a renowned name am exceptional cigars. The brand is admired for the dedication to craft each cigar to perfection and for the remarkable complexity of flavors. Earning numerous awards and high ratings within the cigar world, Oliva’s commitment to quality is undoubtedly unwavering.

Backing up Oliva’s quality commitment is none other than Cigar Aficionado, awarding Oliva Serie V Belicoso a notable 95 point rating – an achievement that speaks volumes about the superior nature of this cigar.

The Oliva Serie V Belicoso exudes a perfectly balanced blend of complex yet smooth flavors, topping it off with an elegant structure making it a must-have for every cigar lover. Find your Oliva Serie V Belicoso at Hiland’s Cigars at rock-bottom prices every day. With their efficient shipping and outstanding 5-star customer service, getting your hands on this premium cigar has never been easier or more affordable.

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