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Perdomo Lot 23

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Perdomo Lot 23 Cigars at Hiland’s Cigars: Discover a unique tale of terroir and craftsmanship with this exceptional series from Perdomo. At Hiland’s Cigars, we are pleased to offer this unique line at discounted prices, giving you premium quality without the premium price tag.

Sourced exclusively from Perdomo’s Lot 23, a specific plot of land in Estelí, Nicaragua, these cigars showcase the exceptional characteristics of a single location. This experimental plot has produced a blend that is both complex and incredibly balanced, resulting in cigars that have captured the attention of aficionados worldwide.

Available in Connecticut, Maduro, and Sun Grown wrappers, the Lot 23 offers something for every palate. One of the standout cigars in this line is the Lot 23 Robusto Connecticut, renowned for its mild, creamy profile and delicate balance of flavors.

The Lot 23 series is a testament to the potential of focused, small-batch cigar production. It offers a one-of-a-kind smoking experience that reflects both the unique soil of its origin and the expert craftsmanship that goes into each stick.

Explore the story and flavors of Perdomo Lot 23 Cigars, all while enjoying the discounted prices available through Hiland’s Cigars. Whether you’re an aficionado or a beginner, this line offers a uniquely satisfying and educational experience.

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