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Oliva Variety Sampler (Box of 6)

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The Oliva Variety Sampler brings together a variety of Oliva’s most admired offerings, providing cigar enthusiasts a premium experience of specially curated flavors and profiles. From the robust Serie G Toro, the rich flavors of Serie G Maduro Belicoso, the balanced Serie O Perfecto and Serie O Maduro Robusto, to the mild Connecticut Reserve Robusto, and the celebrated V Double Robusto, this selection represents the best of Nicaraguan hand-rolled cigars. The outstanding quality in each cigar is a testament to the brand’s craftsmanship, making it an excellent choice for trying out the different lines or for gifting to fellow aficionados.

Highlights of the Oliva Variety Sampler

This sampler enables you to experience the richness and complexity of several distinct cigar lines by Oliva. Each cigar showcases the finest blend of filler tobaccos, bound with top-notch binders, and enfolded in an exquisite wrapper. While each cigar brings its unique character, they all display a consistency of burn and draw that is quintessential Oliva.

About Oliva Cigars

Considered a stalwart in the cigar industry, Oliva Cigars has consistently produced some of the best Nicaraguan cigars. The brand’s commitment to quality is palpable in each draw, making it a beloved choice amongst discerning smokers. Oliva’s mastery lies in their holistic approach, where each step from growing the tobacco to the final rolling of the cigar is performed with rigorous precision. They have been recognized for their dedication to the craft and has earned high ratings from Cigar Aficionado.

This Sampler box of Oliva cigars features a wide range of their top-selling lines, each featuring varying tasting notes courtesy of the brand’s master blenders. Be it the rich, creamy flavors of the Serie G Toro or the complex blend of the V Double Robusto, the Oliva Variety Sampler provides a treat for the senses. While individual ratings by Cigar Aficionado may differ, all included in the box share the common trait of being heritage cigars produced by a respected brand.

The Oliva Variety Sampler serves as an invitation to an indulgent smoking experience. Whether you’re an Oliva aficionado looking to revisit old favorites or a novice sampling the brand for the first time, Hiland’s Cigars offers this collection at discounted prices every day. Experience swift shipping on all orders with our 5-star customer support. Relish the distinguished flavors of Oliva cigars and make every occasion extraordinary.

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