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Stoker’s Classic Loose Leaf Chewing Tobacco Single Pouch (3oz)


If you’re a fan of Red Man Golden Blend®*, Levi Garrett®**, or Starr®***, Classic is poised to become your next favorite.

Single pouch: 3oz

For those who crave more, we also offer 12-count cartons.

This Sampler comes with 5 1.2 oz Cans. 1 Long Cut Wintergreen, 1 Long Cut Straight, 1 Long Cut Mint, 1 Long Cut Natural, 1 Fine Cut Natural. This sampler has a value of $36.00 but has been discounted with this purchase!

Stoker’s Classic Chewing Tobacco has a bold and satisfying tobacco flavor. Enjoy the premium taste that comes with Stoker’s famous quality and pricing. This is a loose leaf product that consists of shredded tobacco leafs.



As a retailer of fine tobaccos and cigars for five decades, Hiland’s Cigars proudly presents Stoker’s Classic Chewing Tobacco, a product that embodies the excellence of chewing tobacco tradition. Whether you’re exploring the world of loose leaf or seeking that next satisfying chew, Stoker’s Classic promises an experience that’s not only flavorful but also comfortably within the “normal” nicotine range.

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