Flor De Oliva Original Bundle Churchill (7×50 / Bundle of 20)

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Flor De Oliva Original Bundle Churchill is a masterpiece from Oliva, known for providing exceptional smoking experiences without breaking the bank. This cigar showcases a delightful blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers and binder, adorned with a golden-brown Sumatra wrapper. The result is a medium-bodied smoke that’s rich in flavor, offering a satisfying experience for both novice and seasoned smokers.

Brand: Oliva

Oliva Cigar Co. has a legacy that speaks volumes about their commitment to quality cigar production. Originating in the 1800s, they have perfected their craft over the decades, consistently delivering cigars that stand out in both quality and flavor. The Flor De Oliva line is a shining example of their dedication to providing affordable, yet high-quality cigars.


  • Size: Churchill (7 x 50)
  • Wrapper: Sumatra
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Strength: Medium-bodied


  • Sumatra Wrapper: Adds a natural sweetness and complexity to the smoke.
  • Nicaraguan Fillers and Binder: Ensures a rich and robust flavor profile.
  • Churchill Size: Provides a lengthy, enjoyable smoking experience.
  • Affordable Luxury: Offers Oliva’s trademark quality at a budget-friendly price.

Tasting Notes:

  • Sweet Cedar: Dominates the profile with a comforting and aromatic presence.
  • Mild Spice: Adds a layer of excitement to the smoke.
  • Creamy Finish: Leaves a smooth and pleasant aftertaste.
  • Nutty Undertones: Complement the overall flavor spectrum.

Pairing Recommendations:

  • Medium-bodied Red Wine: Enhances the cigar’s sweetness and adds complexity.
  • Creamy Coffee: Pairs well with the nutty undertones and creamy finish.
  • Roasted Almonds: Complements the cigar’s flavor profile while adding an extra crunch.

Flor De Oliva Original Bundle Churchill stands as a testament to Oliva’s ability to deliver top-notch cigars at an accessible price point. It offers a balanced, flavorful smoke that’s perfect for any time of the day.

Explore the rich flavors and unmatched value of Flor De Oliva Original Bundle Churchill, and elevate your smoking experience without breaking the bank. Find this gem along with an extensive selection of premium cigars at Hiland’s Cigars.

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