Stigmas and Misinformation Around Flavored Cigars

Flavored cigars, also sometimes referred to as infused cigars, have enjoyed a storied and sometimes tumultuous existence in the world of tobacco. While they have a dedicated following of aficionados who appreciate their unique aromas and flavors, flavored cigars have also faced their share of criticism, skepticism, and stigmas. This article aims to shed light on the common misconceptions surrounding flavored cigars and to present a more balanced view of their place in the cigar community.

The Origins of Flavored Cigars:
Before diving into the stigmas, it’s essential to understand the origins of flavored cigars. Infusing cigars with flavors is not a new phenomenon. Historically, different cultures have added flavors to their tobacco, be it through spices, herbs, or even wine-soaked barrels, to enhance the smoking experience.

In the world of premium cigars, ACID by Drew Estate paved the way by popularizing a combination of high quality tobacco and infused flavors to the market.  ACID cigars have been both enjoyed by closet flavored cigar smokers and ridiculed by cigar aficionados over the past several decades. When Drew Estate unveiled their unflavored cigar lines like Liga Privada and Undercrown, some of the stigma around their flavored cigars being inferior tobacco waned. Today, Drew Estate makes both infused cigars and premium, unflavored cigars. Check out our ACID Cigar Experience post to learn more about what ACID Cigars are and how they have become the go-to cigar for flavored cigar lovers.

Regardless of the stigmas associated with flavored and infused cigars, many brands followed in the footsteps of Drew EstateGurkha, Rocky Patel, and Perdomo are some of the major brands that infuse tobacco with flavors.  These brands are premium cigar brands that are taken are taken seriously around the world.

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Common Misconceptions Around Flavored Cigars:

  1. “Flavored Cigars Are For Beginners”: One common stigma is that flavored cigars are primarily for novices or those who cannot “handle” a traditional cigar. In reality, many seasoned smokers occasionally enjoy a flavored cigar for a change of pace or to match with specific beverages or meals. Flavored cigars can actually help refine your palate by allowing you to easily associate specific “fruity” or bourbon flavors with your cigar. This training helps you identify more subtle flavors in unflavored cigars like the leather, spice, and earthy flavors you hear mentioned in Cigar Aficionado’s ranking profiles.  While flavored cigars are great for beginners, they aren’t intended solely for beginners and shouldn’t be labeled as such.
  2. “Flavored Cigars Mask Low-Quality Tobacco”: Another misconception is that the flavoring is used to cover up inferior quality tobacco. While this might be true for machine-made brands, many top-tier companies, like Drew Estate with their ACID line, Rocky Patel, and Perdomo use high-quality tobacco alongside their unique infusion processes.
  3. “They’re Not ‘Real’ Cigars”: Purists sometimes argue that flavored cigars aren’t “real” cigars. Yet, they are crafted with the same care and techniques as non-flavored cigars – the only difference is the additional step of flavor infusion. This machismo / macho talk is just ridiculous. Sometimes flavored cigars really “hit the spot” after a big meal or with a specific food or drink.  They’re real cigars and they’re quite tasty if you know how to pair them up.

Flavored Cigars and Regulation: In recent years, flavored tobacco products have come under regulatory scrutiny, especially in the context of preventing youth smoking. Some critics argue that flavored cigars appeal to younger demographics because of their sweet taste. While protecting youth is essential, many adults also enjoy flavored cigars, and a blanket ban could deprive them of a product they appreciate. A sweet or unique flavor in a cigar is no more targeted at youth than Oreos or Margaritas.

The Rise of Boutique Infusions:
As the cigar industry evolves, so do flavored cigars. Today, there’s a rise in boutique infusions where brands are focusing on gourmet, subtle, and sophisticated flavor profiles – further shattering the myth that flavored cigars are one-dimensional or merely “candy-like.”

Like any product, flavored cigars have their admirers and detractors. While they might not be to everyone’s taste, it’s essential to approach them with an open mind and dispel myths that don’t hold up to scrutiny. At Hiland’s Cigars, we believe in the diversity of cigar experiences, and we invite both skeptics and aficionados to explore our selection of flavored cigars. You might just find a new favorite or, at the very least, gain a deeper appreciation for the craft behind them.

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