The ACID Cigar Experience: Infused Cigars Like No Other

In the realm of cigars, there’s a brand that stands distinct from the rest — ACID. With its unorthodox approach to traditional cigar making, ACID infused cigars have created a niche, garnering a devout following and inciting curiosity in many. This article offers a glimpse into the world of ACID cigars, their unique offerings, and answers the most frequently asked questions about this one-of-a-kind brand.

The Brand is Truly Unique:

ACID cigars are a product of Drew Estate, a cigar company renowned for its innovative flair. What sets ACID apart is its infusion process, where essential oils, botanicals, and herbs are used to grant the tobacco a unique flavor and aroma. Each cigar, therefore, becomes an experience, a journey of flavors beyond the ordinary.

Stigmas Around Flavored Cigars:

Before we go any further, it should be noted that there is plenty of stigma and misinformation around “flavored cigars” in the industry today, especially in the machismo and macho circles of cigar smokers.  We cover this in our misinformation and stigmas of flavored cigars post that you might want to read before you send us hate mail.

Drew Estate, the parent brand of ACID Cigars, also makes a wildly popular “natural” cigars.  Most notably, the Liga Privada H99, Undercrown 10, and Nica Rustica lines. So, while the flavored lines are typically associated with ACID Cigars, Drew Estate is well known for making high quality, premium non-flavored cigars as well. Anyone who tells you that ACID Cigars are made with inferior tobacco and the infused flavors are there to hide the inferior quality cigar does not know what he/she is talking about. The beauty of ACID Cigars is that they infuse flavors with high quality tobacco. However, when it comes to flavored cigars that are machine made, the stigma that the flavoring is there to hide the inferior tobacco is probably true.

ACID Cigars You Should Try:

The Most Popular Infused Cigars

While the entire ACID line is worth exploring, there are a few stars that shine the brightest:

  1. ACID Kuba Kuba – Recognized by its sumptuous aroma and delightful sweetness, it’s a favorite among many.
  2. ACID Blondie – A smaller cigar, packed with flavors and perfect for those short breaks.
  3. ACID Deep Dish – Square-pressed and full of character, it offers a rich smoke.
  4. ACID Toast – With a hint of creaminess, it’s a smooth experience from start to finish.
  5. ACID 1400cc – A robusto that’s both aromatic and flavorful.

Frequently Asked Questions About ACID Cigars:

  1. What are ACID infused Cigars?
    ACID cigars undergo a unique infusion process with essential oils, botanicals, and herbs, resulting in a flavored, aromatic cigar that is unique to the cigar industry.
  2. Are ACID Cigars any Good?
    While subjective, many aficionados and beginners alike appreciate ACID cigars for their unique flavors and consistent quality.
  3. Do They Still Make ACID Cigars?
    Absolutely! ACID cigars continue to be a popular product line under the Drew Estate umbrella.
  4. What makes ACID Cigars Different?
    Their proprietary infusion process, which imparts unique flavors and aromas to the tobacco, sets them apart.
  5. Do ACID Cigars Get you High?
    No, ACID cigars do not contain any psychoactive substances and won’t get you high. They’re named “ACID” as a nod to their innovative character, not their ingredients.
  6. Why do People Enjoy ACID Cigars?
    Many appreciate the unique flavor profiles, aromatic experience, and quality craftsmanship behind each cigar.
  7. What is the Most Popular ACID Cigar?
    While all ACID cigars have their fans, the ACID Kuba Kuba, Blondie, Deep Dish, Toast, and 1400cc often stand out as favorites. However, the all-time favorite is a tie between Blondie and Kuba Kuba,.
  8. Do ACID Cigars Need a Humidor?
    Yes, like other premium cigars, ACID cigars benefit from proper humidification to maintain their freshness and flavor. You should ALWAYS keep your flavored cigars separate from your unflavored cigars.  ACID infused cigar flavors will move to other unflavored cigars if they’re stored in the same humidor.
  9. What do ACID Cigars Taste Like?
    Each ACID cigar offers a distinct taste, but common descriptors include sweet, aromatic, and rich with hints of various botanicals and herbs.
  10. Are ACID Cigars Intended for Women?
    No. This is a ridiculous stigma. Though many women do like the flavors and aromas of these cigars, men often enjoy ACID cigars, too. In fact, ACID Cigars are often the gateway cigar that novice smokers enjoy before moving to aged, unflavored cigars.  ACID Cigars are for anyone that wants a unique and different cigar experience.

ACID Cigars on Sale:

Venturing into the world of ACID cigars is an exploration of flavors and aromas that go beyond the traditional. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a novice, there’s an ACID cigar waiting to provide a memorable experience. Dive into the world of infused cigars at Hiland’s Cigars, where we offer a range of ACID cigars to delight your palate. You can shop our cigars online, come into the store and have a cigar with us, or give us a call and place your order over the phone.

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