Top 10 Cigars for the Golf Course – 2024

Golf and Cigars

On the lush fairways and meticulously manicured greens, the ritual of lighting up a premium cigar not only enhances the golfing experience but also celebrates it. This pairing of golf and cigars goes beyond mere indulgence; it’s a practice steeped in camaraderie, reflection, and the pure enjoyment of the moment. Whether celebrating a birdie or simply savoring the tranquility of the course, a cigar in hand elevates the experience, adding a layer of sophistication and pleasure. The connection between golf and cigars continues to flourish in our opinion, with golfers often seeking the perfect smoke to complement a 4-hour round. And, if your wife asks, do us all a favor and make sure she knows (and tells her friends) that golf takes an average of 7 hours to play a round. After all, there is a pre-round party and an after round party, too. This guide is dedicated to all golfers who appreciate the finer things in life, offering a curated selection of the best 10 cigars for the golf course in 2024, carefully chosen to enhance your enjoyment and celebration of this timeless sport.

The Appeal of Cigars on the Golf Course

Unless you’re a serious golfer focused only on score, the sport’s leisurely pace, the beauty of its outdoor settings, and the inherently social atmosphere fosters more to be enjoyed with a cigar in hand. Golf, by its nature, is a game of patience and contemplation, where moments of solitude blend seamlessly with companionship and friendly rivalry. It’s within this unique environment that cigars find their perfect stage, enhancing the experience by adding an element of ritualistic luxury and a sense of occasion.

A good cigar can also help ease nerves over a big putt or drive. It can also be a conversation starter for those times when you’re partnered up with other golfers you might not know.  It’s a great time to talk about your favorite cigar and even give a cigar to someone that is interested.

Over a period of 4-5 hours, the game provides ample time to savor the complexity and richness of one, two, or even 3 cigars. Each draw can accompany a moment of reflection on the game or a shared laugh among friends, making the cigar not just a complement to the game but a part of its very essence. The expansive greens and open skies serve as the ideal backdrop for this indulgence, where the fresh air mixes with the aromatic tobacco, creating an atmosphere that’s as refreshing as it is invigorating.

Moreover, golf’s social nature is amplified by the presence of cigars. Sharing a cigar or lighting up together at the tee or on the fairway fosters a sense of camaraderie and unity among players. It’s a gesture that transcends the competition, highlighting the mutual respect and the shared joy of both golf and cigar culture. This communal aspect of cigars on the golf course reinforces bonds, encourages conversation, and often leads to lasting friendships formed over the embers of a good smoke.

The appeal of cigars on the golf course lies in their ability to enrich the golfing experience, blending tradition with pleasure, and solitude with sociability. It’s a tradition that honors the game’s history while celebrating the present moment, making every round of golf not just a test of skill, but an occasion to be savored.

Criteria for Selecting the Perfect Golf Course Smoke

Selecting the ideal cigar for a round of golf involves more than just choosing a favorite brand or blend; it requires consideration of several key factors that align with the unique environment and circumstances of the golf course. And, in fact, you might find yourself finding a favorite golf cigar that works better for just the golf course than during other situations. Here are the criteria that should guide any golfer in making the perfect cigar selection for their next game:

1. Price as a Consideration:

  • The dynamic nature of golf, with its open spaces and the variety of movements involved, introduces the potential for a cigar to be lost or accidentally damaged during play. Cigars might fall out of the cart when your brother-in-law is driving. You might set it down on the edge of the green and step on it or set the cigar down on the tee box, hit a great drive, and then completely forget you even had the cigar. You’re not doing that drive of shame and going back to get it are you? You’re slowing down your group and the group behind you. I wouldn’t suggest it. The guys on the tee box now are probably shankers and getting hit by a golf ball isn’t going to make the round better! Therefore, price should be a consideration. Opting for cigars that offer great quality at a reasonable price point ensures that enjoying a smoke on the links remains a pleasure and not an annoyance. It’s about finding that sweet spot where the price aligns with the risk without compromising the experience. Our advice is to assume you will lose or break the cigar at some point in the round and you need to make sure you won’t be annoyed because that might affect your game.

2. Quality vs. Cost:

  • The quest for value doesn’t mean settling for less in terms of cigar quality. The market is replete with options that provide a satisfying smoke at a cost that won’t break the bank. These cigars often come from reputable brands known for their consistent quality and flavor profiles that can rival their pricier counterparts. The key is to seek out cigars that deliver an enjoyable and flavorful smoking experience without the premium price tag, ensuring every puff is as gratifying as the game itself.

3. The Practicality of Multiple Smaller Cigars:

  • Given the average duration of a golf round, which can extend to 5 1/2 hours occasionally, the traditional approach of enjoying a single, long-lasting cigar may not always be the best fit. Instead, consider the practicality of carrying three smaller cigars (or 10), each suited to different stages or moments of the game. This approach allows for flexibility—whether it’s a celebratory smoke after a successful shot, a leisurely puff between holes, or a relaxing finisher at the 18th hole. Smaller cigars can be enjoyed in their entirety without the commitment a larger cigar demands, making them ideal companions for the varying pace and breaks inherent in a round of golf. And, of course, if you lose one of your cigars you can just light another without a second thought.

By keeping these criteria in mind—price sensitivity, the balance of quality and cost, and the practicality of selecting multiple smaller cigars—golfers can enhance their game day experience with the perfect cigar choices. These guidelines ensure that cigars remain an integral and enjoyable part of the golfing ritual, complementing the sport’s inherent pleasures without overshadowing them.

The Best Cigars for the Golf Course – 2024

  • Arturo Fuente Short Story
    • A perfect start or mid-round pleasure, this small yet flavorful cigar offers complexity without the time commitment, making it an ideal choice for golfers on the move. These are a tad expensive, but they’re short which doesn’t leave you much time to break or lose them.
  • Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto
    • With its moderate price and robust flavor profile, the Lot 23 Robusto offers a satisfying smoke that’s perfect for enjoying the outdoors without worrying about a significant investment.
  • Oliva Serie G Cigarillos
    • This smaller cigar packs a punch with rich flavors and a smooth draw, offering a brief but memorable smoking experience between holes.
  • Acid Blondie

    • For those who prefer a bolder flavor, this small cigar is infused with herbs and spices that create a sweet, aromatic smoke. All at a price that won’t break the bank.
  • CAO Brazilia Gol!
    • Its robust size and vibrant flavors make it a standout choice for longer games, providing consistent enjoyment throughout the round.
  • Montecristo Platinum Habano No. 2 Belicoso

    • Ideal for a 1 hour smoke, this Montecristo belicoso delivers the classic flavors the brand is known for.  This is an easy smoke under $5 per cigar.
  • Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Minutos Petites

    • This smaller offering from a legendary brand brings together quality and convenience, allowing for a quick yet fulfilling smoke that’s suited to any part of the golf game.
  • Cohiba Blue Rothschild
    • Offering a luxurious smoking experience without the luxury price tag, the Cohiba Blue Rothschild is perfect for celebrating a successful round or a particularly good shot.
  • Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Robusto
    • This robusto-sized cigar is a nod to traditional American cigars, providing a mild, creamy smoke that complements the serene golf course setting.
  • Nub Connecticut 354
    • With its unique size designed to hit the sweet spot quickly, the Nub Connecticut provides a creamy and smooth smoke that’s ideal for the golfer looking for flavor and convenience.

These cigars have been selected for their ability to provide quality, enjoyment, and value on the golf course in 2024. Offering a range of profiles and sizes, they cater to different moments of play, ensuring that every golfer can find the perfect cigar to enhance their game day experience. Whether you’re celebrating a hole-in-one or simply enjoying the beauty of the course, these cigars are sure to make your next round of golf even more memorable.

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Practical Tips for Smoking on the Links

Enjoying cigars during a round of golf can add to the pleasure of the game, but it also comes with the responsibility to do so considerately and practically. Here are some tips to ensure that both you and those around you have the best experience possible.

1. Accessories to Bring Along:

  • Cigar Holder: Invest in a portable cigar holder that can attach to your golf cart or bag. This keeps your cigar off the grass and ensures it stays clean and ready for your next puff. It can also help prevent you losing or breaking the cigar.
  • Cigar Travel Humidor: A travel humidor allows you to carry multiple cigars in perfect humidity. It will prevent you from breaking your cigars while in transit, too.
  • Windproof Lighter: Conditions on the course can be breezy. A windproof lighter will save you the hassle when lighting or relighting your cigar. Most people carry torch lighters, which is a lot better option for most cigar smokers anyway.

2. Etiquette Reminders:

  • Ashing Guidelines: Be mindful of where and when you ash. Avoid ashing on the greens, in the fairway, or in any location where it might interfere with play or the maintenance of the course. Don’t ash on the sidewalks or cart paths, either.  Keep the course in beautiful shape and make sure your ash goes in the rough or dirt areas. And, honestly, if you ash on the greens you should report yourself to the greens-keeper, break all of your clubs, and leave immediately. Not joking.
  • Smoke Considerately: Be aware of the direction of the wind and try to ensure your smoke does not drift into your fellow golfers’ faces or interfere with their enjoyment of the game.
  • Cigar Placement: When not using a holder, carefully place your cigar on a flat, non-flammable surface. Avoid leaving it on the grass where it can be a fire hazard or get damaged.

3. Disposing of Cigars Responsibly:

  • Proper Disposal: Ensure that your cigar is fully extinguished before disposing of it. It’s best to put it in a used water bottle (with a little bit of water to extinguish it). Use designated smoking areas or trash receptacles equipped to handle cigar remnants.
  • Leave No Trace: One of the joys of golf is the beauty of the course. Maintain this by ensuring that no part of your cigar is left behind. This includes not only the butt but also any packaging or cellophane it may have come in.

By following these practical tips, you can enjoy your cigars on the golf course without compromising the experience for others or the beauty of the environment. These guidelines help in promoting a respectful and considerate cigar-smoking culture among golfers, ensuring that the tradition can be enjoyed by all for years to come.

The 19th Hole:

Selecting the right cigar to accompany your round is not just a choice; it’s an art that adds a layer of enjoyment, making every shot, every view, and every conversation that much more memorable.  So, choose wisely! The importance of choosing cigars that strike the perfect balance between quality and value cannot be overstated. In the world of golf, where every detail matters—from the choice of club to the angle of approach—the cigar you choose to bring along should complement the experience, not complicate it. Opting for cigars that offer a rich flavor profile, pleasing aroma, and an agreeable price point ensures that every round is not just played but savored.

Golf Course and Cigar FAQ:

  1. Are cigars allowed on golf courses?
    • Many golf courses do allow smoking cigars on the premises, as it’s a long-standing tradition among players. However, policies can vary by location, so it’s always best to check the specific rules of the golf course you plan to visit.
  2. What to do with your cigar when golfing?
    • When not actively smoking, use a clip or holder to attach your cigar to the golf cart or your bag. This keeps the cigar safe and off the ground. Never leave your cigar resting on the grass or any part of the course where it could damage the turf or become a hazard.
  3. Why do people smoke cigars and golf?
    • Smoking cigars while golfing is a tradition that many find enhances the experience of the game. It adds an element of relaxation and luxury, helps players take a moment to slow down between shots, and fosters camaraderie among the group.
  4. Where do you ash cigars on a golf course?
    • Ideally, ash your cigar in a portable ashtray you bring with you or in designated smoking areas if the course provides them. Always avoid ashing directly on the course, especially on the greens, to maintain respect for the game and the course’s maintenance.
  5. Can you smoke cigars on the PGA Tour?
    • Smoking on the PGA Tour is subject to the rules set by the specific tournament and golf course. While players and spectators have been seen smoking cigars at events, it’s important to follow the guidelines and respect the policies in place at each tournament.
  6. Can you smoke cigars at the Masters?
    • The Masters Tournament, held at Augusta National Golf Club, has specific rules regarding smoking for both players and patrons. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only, and patrons are expected to follow the club’s strict guidelines to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all attendees. Always check the latest rules and regulations when attending the Masters or any major golf event.

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